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*** EMBASSY of the state of ISRAEL support peace project JERUSALEM WAY

*** SPAIN & FRANCE: Marking and preparation for pilgrimage 2017 (travel agency)


TRAVEL PREMIERE: Guided pilgrimage on the whole Jerusalem Way!

Pilgrimage on foot and by bus from Spain to Jerusalem with OLIVA travel agency. In total there are 5 individual travel parts (each part approximately 1,500 km / 2 weeks):

- SPAIN / FRANCE: Marking and preparations for pilgrimage 2017

- TURKEY: Travelogue about travel agency pilgrimage on the Jerusalem Way

          - Travelogue Turkey pilgrim group May 2016

          - GPS MAP / overview JW route Turkey

BALKANS: Travelogue about travel agency pilgrimage on the Jerusalem Way

          - Travelogue Balkans pilgrim group September 2015

          - Travelogue Balkans pilgrim group May 2015

          - GPS MAP / overview JW route Balkans


- Marking the JERUSALEM WAY in Austria

- Marking the JERUSALEM WAY in Spain



It was wonderful & unique and we got an audience with the Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal. The Archbishop from Jerusalem and the Holy Land support the JERUSALEM WAY! Special thanks to Florian Hitz from the "Kronen Zeitung" for this great media report!


The people were very interested in the JERUSALEM WAY International Peace Project. It was great!


Presentation about the JERUSALEM WAY International Peace Project


Bogota: About 2000 people from all parts of the world came together to join the third World Apostolic Congress on Devine Mercy. As a result we where able to distribute the core message of the International Peace Project "JERUSALEM WAY" to the most of the participants. We experienced an enormous enthusiasm resulting in the establishment of a basis network for the Jerusalemway through Columbia: For Peace in Columbia - in Jerusalem - in the World! Impressions of our pilgrimage in Columbia:

Here you can order the JERUSALEM WAY Pilgrim Passport / Credential!

- Pilgrim Passport: € 5,00 / $ 6.50 or
- Pilgrim Passport + 10 JERUSALEM WAY stickers: € 8,00 / $ 10.50 (cost price, plus post shipping fee)

Order is by e-mail to info@jerusalemway.org. We need for the issuing your name, birthday, nationality and address with postcode. If you would like to help marking the Jerusalem Way, please just tell us. In this case you will get beside the credential enough stickers for free!

The Pilgrim Passport is issued in cooperation with the Archdiocese of Vienna & the JERUSALEM WAY Peace Team. The picture show J. Graßer from Germany, he arrived on foot JERUSALEM (November 30, 2013). Link to his pilgriamage on the Jerusalem Way


Invitation to the opening of the JERUSALEM WAY International Peace EXHIBITION at the EU Parliament in Brussels by the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz on April 1, 2014 at 5.30 p.m.

Thousands of people saw in three days the international exhibition. It was a great success! Official press release from Brussels with the core message

The Jerusalem Way is a understanding between peoples in practice

LINK to all pictures (klick)


TV documentary "On the Jerusalem Way": From the End (Finisterra) through the Heart of Europe to the Beginning (Jerusalem)See this video on VIMEO or YOUTUBE (Film was broadcast by ORF, the Austrian national TV network, on July 9, 2013).

* Friedensmarsch und Wegmarkierung in Österreich: Klicken

* Markierung JERUSALEM WAY in Spanien: Klicken


VIPs from politics, religion, sports and society support the peace project founded by the „Jerusalem Way Peace Team“!

In 2010 the policemen Johannes Aschauer and Otto Klär made a pilgrimage with the former world downhill skiing champion David Zwilling in 2010, more than 4,500 km on foot from Austria to Jerusalem, where they arrived after six months. Back then, the long pilgrimage led them for a month through still peaceful Syria, where they visited historical cities such as Damascus and Aleppo, which today are fiercely fought over and heavily damaged.

Now the trio has started an international peace project with the support of numerous personalities such as Cardinal Schönborn, Bishop Schwarz, Vice-President of the European Parliament Karas, Member of the European Parliament Karas, Vice Chancellor Spindelegger, Reinhold Lopatka, Interior Minister Mikl-Leitner, Governor Pröll, Governor Pühringer, Governor Haslauer, Sport Stars like Franz Klammer, Annemarie Moser-Pröll, Hansi Hinterseer and Alexandra Meisnitzer, … which aims to draw attention to the current situation in Syria.

In this project, the international community is called upon to speak out for peace in this region. A brief peace video, which arose during their one-month journey through Syria, is a prelude to the project (http://youtu.be/AtrMOgGB7Q).

The initiator Johannes Aschauer, both of his fellow pilgrims, and the “Jerusalem Way Peace Team” founded by him, wish that this message of peace will be spread worldwide in order to encourage as many people as possible to join this peace project. At the same time, further actions for peace in the region are to be carried out: On November 28th, 2013 will start a one week peace march in Austria from Salzburg via Linz and Mauthausen concentration camp to Arbing on the Jerusalem Way. Planned arrival is on December 5th (Approximate Distance 180 km / 112 miles).

The climax of the peace project will be, as soon as the situation allows it, a peace march with international participation from Damascus through Syria, into the Holy Land to Jerusalem.

Please support our peace project, forward this information to your contacts and share the video on the web. Peace concerns everyone!

Writer Paulo Coelho Appears Excited about the Jerusalem Way Peace Project!

(June 30, 2013) The Jerusalem pilgrims and the literary star met each other in a small Spanish village. What an incredible and wonderful providence: The St. James Way encounters the Jerusalem Way!

Coelho appeared to be enthused and recognized the dimension of the Jerusalem Way as a worldwide peace project. In Jerusalem, the city of peace, there is no peace! Therefore, each single pilgrim makes an important contribution to peace in the Holy Land and, at the same time, Jerusalem is the Gordian knot for peace in the world…

Because what separates religions and peoples can only be reunited by we people through love!  

See also the photo by Coelho on Twitter

German POLICEMAN goes to Jerusalem for Peace!

Johann Graßer, retired police commander and deacon from Bavaria, set off at Pentecost 2013 in order to pilgrimage to Jerusalem! He is now the first person to mark the peace trail with JERUSALEM WAY stickers. The Pilgrim Way to Jerusalem is becoming reality - step by step…

We three and the peace team founded in January 2013 by Johannes Aschauer will accompany Johann at the film presentation in the Göttweig monastery church and subsequently to Vienna.

In Vienna, the Jerusalem Way Pass and a pilgrim’s stamp will be issued for the first time. It is planned that Cardinal Schönborn will personally perform this ceremonial act! A big, yes, epochal step and a further bridge between the church and the international – religion- and people-connecting JERUSALEM WAY peace project!

A subsequent appointment at the UNO City is planned, where each Jerusalem pilgrim will hopefully ring the peace bell located there and at the same time receive an official document underscoring the peaceful character of the Jerusalem Way.

Johann Graßer arrived on November 30, 2013 in JERUSALEM: Link to his webpage

Jerusalem Way Is Reaching Out to More and More People and Is Developing into an International Peace Project!

The Jerusalem pilgrims presented the JERUSALEM WAY peace project to the Bureau of the European Parliament and the Austrian Ambassador in Brussels (March 31, 2013). Presentation of the book to Barbara Stöckl at the Austrian National Broadcasting Regional Studio in Klagenfurt (Feb. 20, 2013). Initiation of the religion- and people-connecting peace project JERUSALEM WAY on Dec. 21, 2012 in Finisterra, the “end of the world” in Spain (Dec. 23, 2012).

Benedictine Monastery Melk – Film Presentation in front of over 700 People at the UNESCO World Heritage Site

On October 30, 2012, we were allowed to experience the most atmospheric presentation up to now!! At the monastery church, a jewel and masterpiece of the High Baroque, hundreds of additional chairs were set up and every last seat was occupied. Moreover, five Roman Catholic abbots, a Tibetan abbot and rinpoche of the Bön religion, as well as Jerusalem pilgrims Ian Brodrick from England and Manuel Preuss from Germany were present!  (For more info, see our Facebook page).

This evening was a very important step, yes, a milestone in establishing the Jerusalem Way as a peace trail bringing religions and peoples together. Every Jerusalem pilgrim consciously or unconsciously makes an active contribution to peace between peoples, and especially in the Middle East, since what divides religions and peoples can only be connected again in love by us human beings. Therefore, a translation of the manuscript into English has now been completed in order to be able to spread this peace project through the book in Europe and beyond. There is only one religion – the religion of love!


Unique Premiere – FILM at ST. STEPHEN’S CATHEDRAL in Vienna!

On Friday, October 5, 2012, the film show was presented on three large screens in the scope of a benefit event for the “Club Innenministerium,” the “Volkshilfe” and the “Dompfarre Sankt Stephan.” Over 2,000 people came to the completely full cathedral – it was an unforgettable and unique evening! We thank you very much for coming in such large numbers, as well as Jaro Reisinger (Hikingdays) and the many further helpers for their organizational assistance! Through YOU we were able to “write history” in St. Stephen’s Cathedral!!

Jerusalem Pilgrim from Germany Marks the Jerusalem Way!

Stefan is from Bamberg in Upper Franconia (Bavaria) and met Johannes Aschauer in Arbing in June, 2012. Naturally he received accommodation for a few days and thus cured his ailing feet with medical help. He not only wants to mark the "Jerusalem Way" as a peace trail, but is to be the first pilgrim to bring our book to the Holy Land - if it is God's will - Insha' Allah. HOWEVER, only he/she who SETS! OUT can finally ARRIVE! We wish you all the best and God's blessing, and let us hear from you again on the way! (Further information is available on our Facebook page).

And over 1 MILLION viewers on the national Austrian television station ORF 2: That is ratings record for the program "Feierabend" - Thanks!


An enormous crowd of 500 visitors at the film presentation in Baumgartenberg (Upper Austria)! The book was presented to the Austrian Interior Minister Mikl-Leitner at the Ceremonial Hall of the Federal Ministry of the Interior in April 2012 and to Austrian skiing legend Franz Klammer at the Celebrity Ski Race Semmering in February 2012.


Audience with Pope Benedict XVI

In the scope of the papal general audience in Rome on January 25, 2012, David Zwilling, Otto Klär and Johannes Aschauer presented their book Auf dem Jerusalemweg - Aus dem Herzen Europas zu Fuß nach Jerusalem to Pope Benedict XVI in the presence of Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.

Following their 6-month pilgrimage and the arrival in Bethlehem on Christmas Eve 2010 after having walked around 4,500 kilometers (2,967 miles), this was another very special and extraordinary highlight of the pilgrim and life journeys for the three Jerusalem pilgrims! Particularly also because their “pilgrimage to connect peoples” followed the traces of the apostle Paul, on the one hand, and stood under the interfaith motto of “JOY – PEACE – FREEDOM,” on the other hand.

Media Reports

Book Presented to Austrian Governors

On December 1, 2011 we were invited to present books to Upper Austrian Governor Pühringer and State Parliament President Bernhofer at the Statehouse in Linz, and on December 6, 2011 to present the book to Salzburg Governor Burgstaller at the Statehouse in Salzburg. On December 7, 2011, we “exchanged” books with Lower Austrian Governor Pröll at the Statehouse in St. Pölten.

Visitor Record in Rohrbach, Upper Austria

It is almost unbelievable: After the huge crowd in Arbing, about 500 persons came to the film presentation at the CENTRO City Auditorium in Rohrbach/Upper Austria, which was filled to the brim. A quite special evening! We give you a A HEARTY THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMING.


More than 500 persons came to Arbing/Upper Austria on November 11, 2011 to not miss out on the first film presentation ... Responses and feedback can be read in our guest book.

Press Conference for the Book Presentation with Cardinal Schönborn and Professor Girtler

On October 27, 2011 at 11 a.m. the presentation of the book Auf dem Jerusalemweg - Aus dem Herzen Europas zu Fuß nach Jerusalem and the screening of a 5-minute film clip of our pilgrimage took place at the Club 4 press house on St .Stephen’s Square in Vienna.

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