GPS + pilgrim pass + pennant

GPS + pilgrim pass + pennant





The GPS data created and developed by us over the course of several years of project work have now been integrated into an APP.

The GPS data for the desired country / countries are then transmitted in good time via WhatsApp for the respective country, which enables integration on the smartphone in the simplest way. We use an APP that has proven itself very well, this has top hiking maps, in color and with contour lines, satellite maps as well Offline maps! This is perfect for mobile use, so no internet is required on the way!

The amount supports 100 percent of the association "JERUSALEM WAY International Peace Team" to continue to support pilgrims on their way with information, to develop their own app and to continuously improve the route.

The use of the GPS files is at your own request and at your own risk. We accept no liability for damage to property, personal injury or financial loss that could result from accessing or using the GPS file. Furthermore, no liability is assumed for any direct or indirect damage, damage claims, rights of way disputes and the like, GPS errors on the route, blocked paths or roads or bridges, impassable places, as well as consequential damage of any kind and for whatever legal reason caused by the Access or use of the GPS files could result. The forwarding of GPS data to THIRD PARTIES is prohibited without our written consent.


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