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The Jerusalem Way is the world's longest pilgrimage and an international peace and culture route!

The Jerusalem Way connects religions and peoples in a unique peace project.

The Jerusalem Way stands for mutual recognition and tolerance.

Love, the most powerful force in the universe, penetrates, illuminates everything and builds bridges between all people!


Pilgrims create openness to encounters, dismantle prejudices and fears, and strengthen trust - basic trust. The supposed boundaries between peoples and religions can be bridged by individuals with love and mutual respect.


Tips for route KOSOVO

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Important: See all POIs in the Mapy App. There are many tips for accommodation and information about sights!


In the town of Mitrovica / Mitrovicë there is a big and beautiful mosque to see right on the way. One of the first on the long road to Jerusalem.


Shortly before the city of Priština you come to the Amselfeld / Black Birds Field. An important historic major theater of war! open link


In Pristina, the Cathedral is a must-see, bright and welcoming with stained windows! It's the newly built Mother Teresa Cathedral! IMPORTANT: We have a small JERUSALEM WAY "base camp" at the church. There are pennants for backpacks, folders, stickers, etc. The pastor is Father Agim Qerkini and he helps the pilgrims as best he can. He speaks Albanian, Croatian, English and German! Contact Father Agim: WhatsApp +38344508882

In the future there will also be a room for pilgrims and there are enough cheap accommodations / hostels in the city.


TIP: In the cathedral, be sure to take the lift up to the tower, the highest point in the city. Great view!


Shortly after Priština comes the UNESCO monastery Gracanica! Overnight stays are only possible after prior notification, the monastery closes at around 17 p.m. For location of the monastery see POI in Mapy.


Then it goes up a small mountain and from there down to the village of Janjevo / Janjeve. This is a place with a mosque and a catholic church! IMPORTANT: Sleep here! Father Mato has several rooms for pilgrims in the rectory. And the place is ideal for making the next leg to the city of Gjilan. Mato is very happy about pilgrims and he also has a stamp for the pilgrim pass! Contact Father Mato Palic: Phone / WhatsApp +38349184179

The next stage from Janjevo to Gjilan is special, a beautiful route in nature. Please take enough provisions & water with you, there are no big places on the way! In the city of Gjilan, Jerusalem Way pilgrims can sleep in the Don Bosco Church. Details & contact see POI in the app. And there also hotels.


The next stage leads from Gjilan to Letnica / Letnicë. You come back to other special churches, such as the St. Joseph / Bethlehem Church i Stublla e Epërme! This church fits in perfectly with the way to Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The pastor is Don Fatmir, he is very happy about pilgrims! Contact: WhatsApp +38349174790 and Facebook www.facebook.com/donfatmiri


There is a stamp for the pilgrim's passport. Please send pilgrim greetings from the Jerusalem Way Peace Team and Johannes Aschauer to Don Fatmir. See the position and photo of the church in the app.


The path continues to Letnicë, it goes downhill and then after a few kilometers you can see on the left a nice clean restaurant called "Illyricum Park": It has a small river in the garden! Ideal for cooling off your feet in the heat or for a break, coffee, eating fish and so on. Position see POI in Mapy (Google Maps see here).


Sometimes there are soldiers on KFOR to take a break. When we were there again in 2021, soldiers from the USA were very interested in the Jerusalem Way, one of the soldiers told us that his dream is to be in Jerusalem one day. Since then he has been a member of our Facebook group.


After the restaurant you reach the destination of the day Letnicë / Letnica, the Church of the Black Madonna and important place of Mother Teresa! It is the largest pilgrimage site in Kosovo! Google Maps see here


Thousands of people gather there every year for the Assumption Day on August 15th. There are many pilgrim rooms (beds). Pastor Don Marjan is very happy about pilgrims on the Jerusalem Way, everyone can sleep here. Contact: +383 49 558 804

And right in town, shortly after the church, right on Jerusalem Way, there is a restaurant. Good food and there are rooms to sleep too! "Restaurant Dubrovnik" see POI Mapy (Google Maps see here).


Shortly after the restaurant you reach the end of Letnice, the next stage leads through several small towns / villages and past a few churches in the direction of Smirë. The best thing to do there is to ask for accommodation at the village square. Google Maps see here. In addition, we have pilgrims from the Jerusalem Way Claudia Schilde got in touch with Mr. Avni Place from Germany. Avni lives in the village, previously lived in Germany. He has a house in Smirë and helps the pilgrims get accommodation! Contact Avni on WhatsApp: +377 44 412 900


From Smirë, the last stage leads back through nature and a forest area! At the end of the route you reach the town of Kacanik, which is the border area with North Macedonia. In the town of Kacanik, by the river, there is a bakery with an ice cream shop, there are stickers of the Jerusalem Way (the route leads directly to this place).


Kacanik: The town is rather big but apparently there is accommodation in Hotel Beni only 3 km north. It is right on the M-2 road near Nikaj. Hotel Beni also has a restaurant and is very cheap (price around 15 euros): https://mapy.cz/s/cepakameje


We wish you a good path and many beautiful encounters and experiences in Kosovo.



International Peace Team



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