Every journey begins with a first step ...

The Jerusalem Way is the world's longest pilgrimage and international peace and culture route!

The Jerusalem Way connects religions and peoples in a unique peace project.

The Jerusalem Way stands for mutual recognition and tolerance.

Love, the most powerful force in the universe, penetrates, illuminates everything and builds bridges between all people!


Pilgrims create openness to encounters, dismantle prejudices and fears and strengthen trust - basic trust! The supposed boundaries between peoples and religions can be bridged by individuals with love and mutual respect.

17,9 km / 5,5 h / ↓ 282 m / ↑ 372 m
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Stage 2: Tirschenreuth - Plößberg


Starting point: Fischhof Tirschenreuth

Distance: 17,9 km

Walking time: 5,5 hours

Gradients: 372 m

Descent: 282 m

Stage goal: Plößberg market square


Marking: local hiking trails / Maria-Kulmer-Weg

(Attention: in places the pilgrimage route deviates from the marked hiking / long-distance hiking trails in order to be able to include points of interest for pilgrims in the route. See description of the route)



The day's stage begins in Tirschenreuther Fischhof. The pilgrim path goes through the courtyard gate on the north side of the Fischhof and then follows the to the right City pond-Flatly. To the east of the Fischhof there is a junction to the south that leads to the street in an arc shape At the Fischhof. Walk a short distance on the street to the left (east) until it turns at a right angle to the north. In the curve, south past the mobile home parking space, continue straight ahead on the footpath to Mühlbach (marking: Oberpfälzerwaldverein; red on white ring - Tirschenreuth - Griesbach and white on red bar - Tirschenreuth - Hermannsreuth). The path follows the bend in the Mühlbach up to the beginning of the village Wage seat, cross the stream there and then - south past the village pond on the Anger - in an arc on the local road further south-east to the end of the village. There the hiking trail branches off to the left to Griesbach. Continue on the way to Hermannsreuth am Mühlbach to the south until it meets the Main-Mies-Weg at the northwestern end of the Saueren Teich. The sour pond had fallen dry at the beginning of the 19th century and was renatured as a wet biotope in 2010. Follow Main-Mies-Weg to the right (west). It first crosses the Mühlbach and then the Waldnaab. Immediately after the bridge over the Waldnaab, a dirt road branches off at an acute angle to the south and leads to Bärnauer Straße. The marked hiking trail (Main-Mies-Weg / Maria-Kulmer-Weg) makes a long and unattractive detour via the main road at this point. The field path meets Maria-Kulmer-Weg at Bärnauer Straße. On the farm road parallel to Bärnauer Straße go about 775 m to the left (east), cross the road at a wayside shrine with a spherical lantern (Stiftland column) and continue on Maria-Kulmer-Weg Lodermühl traverse. The pilgrimage route continues along the Maria-Kulmer-Weg. It first leads along the Waldnaab, then turns south, crosses the dam at the northern end of the rat pond and then continues through the forest to the south. At the edge of the forest it turns west and after about 170 m meets the route of the old Vizinalbahn Tirschenreuth-Bärnau (Vizinalbahnradweg). Continue left on Maria-Kulmer-Weg to the south to the next intersection. The factory premises of the Liebensteiner cardboard factory. At the junction right towards Love stone walk. The Maria-Kulmer-Weg continues on the main road to the district road TIR 5 and then left along the district road through Liebenstein to the Kronaweg. It is more interesting to turn left shortly before the end of the cardboard factory and follow the footpath to the ruins of the Liebenstein Castle to take. From the castle the path goes downhill through the old town and over the Schwarzenbach until it meets the district road TIR 5 / Maria-Kulmer-Weg. Turn left and immediately right again on Kronaweg, continue on Maria-Kulmer-Weg to the southwest to the neighboring village Stein consequences. At the beginning of Stein, the pilgrimage route meets the Oberpfalzweg again. But do not follow this, but continue on the Maria-Kulmer-Weg south to the center of Stein with the church of St. Laurentius. At the crossroads by the church, the path turns left. He leads on the road across the fields towards Liebenstein reservoir. After the Försterhof you can see the sawmill on the right-hand side Betzenmühle. At the Betzenmühle junction, the Maria-Kulmer-Weg meets the Oberpfalzweg again. From here follow the Oberpfalzweg again. The path goes about 30 m on the road towards Betzenmühle and then turns sharply left onto a forest path. This comes out in a small arc at the sheep mill and then leads to the edge of the forest and then across the parking lot to the Liebenstein reservoir. Cross the bridge over the lake. Shortly after the bridge, the Oberpfalzweg turns right at an acute angle and continues along the lakeshore. At the end of the lake he crosses the Gaißbach and then turns south at the fish ponds. There the Oberpfalzweg meets a street. Left to Warrior mill and then immediately after the property turn right to the south. At a number of fish ponds, the path becomes a street again, crosses state road 2172 and then turns right at the Geißmühle in Geisleithen Plößberg from. The Oberpfalzweg and the Goldene Straße run parallel here. Shortly after entering Plößberg, turn right onto Dreihöfer Straße and then at the cath. Parish Church of St. George left again, south of the Evangelical Lutheran Parish Church of St. Georg past to the main street. Follow the main street a short distance to the left and you have reached the market square. The Museum Plößberg, including a large collection of historical Christmas flu, is located a little north in the town hall (Jahnstrasse 1). The former location is located about 150 m west of the market square on Schloßstraße Castle and New lock.



Information and contact addresses

-     Tourist info Tirschenreuth

Regensburger Str. 6, 95643 Tirschenreuth,

Tel .: +49/9631/600248, email: stefanie.suess@stadt-tirschenreuth.de, www.stadt-tirschenreuth.de


-     Guest information Plößberg

Jahnstrasse 1, 95703 Plößberg

Tel .: + 49/9636 / 9211-10, email: gaesteinformation@ploessberg.de, www.tourismus-ploessberg.de



-     Museum Plößberg

Jahnstrasse 1, 95703 Plößberg

Appointments can be made via Guest Information Plößberg

Tel .: + 49/9636 / 9211-10, email: gaesteinformation@ploessberg.de



Accommodation (selection)


-     Hausmirtlhof

Owner R. Bauer-Zölch, Liebenstein 19, 95703 Plößberg-Liebenstein

Tel .: +49/9631/2463, email: mzoe@gmx.de, www.fw-zoelch.de

1 apartment


-     Gasthof Beer

Owner B. Beer, Stein 10, 95703 Plößberg-Stein

Tel .: +49/9636/296, mobile: 0176/34349637, email: pensionzurpost-ploessberg@t-online.de,


-     Pension to the post office

Owner M. Auer-Bertelshofer, Marktplatz 3, 95703 Plößberg

Tel .: +49/9636/9244310, mobile: 0176/34349637, email: pensionzurpost-ploessberg@t-online.de,

-     Bayerischer Hof inn

Owner M. Gollwitzer, Untere Bachgasse 11, 95703 Plößberg

Tel .: +49/9636/289

Restaurant, beer garden

-     Camping site Großer Weiher

Owner W. Seiler, Großer-Weiher-Str. 22, 95703 Plößberg

Tel .: +49/9636/91248, email: info@campingplatz-ploessberg.de

Restaurant, beer garden

-     Further pensions and accommodations (host list) via guest information Plößberg


-     Holiday house Hildegard

Owner M. Völkl, Hildweinsreuth 6a + b, 92696 Flossenbürg-Hildweinsreuth

Tel .: +49/9636/1819, email: m.voelkl@ferienhaus-hildegard.de, www.ferienhaus-hildegard.de

3 apartment, sleeping barrel, sauna / steam bath, bakery, "Hildegard shop" - natural food, literature, cosmetics, etc.

St. Ötzen:

-     Pension St. Ötzener Hof

Inh. P. Schwanitz, St. Ötzen 1, 92696 Flossenbürg-St. Ötzen

Tel .: +49/9636/91975, email: p.schwanitz@t-online.de, www.sankt-oetzener-hof.de

1 log cabin for 2-6 people, apartment, 2 double rooms, 1 single room, economy


-     Pension Armin Münchmeier

Gaismühle 1, 92696 Flossenbürg

Tel .: +49/9603/337

-     Campsite Gaisweiher

Owner of Flossenbürg Municipal Service, Gaisweiher 1, 92696 Flossenbürg

Tel .: +49/9603/644, email: campingplatz-gaisweiher@t-online.de

4 sleeping barrels, 1 apartment, camping, youth tent site




-     Holiday house Hildegard

Owner M. Völkl, Hildweinsreuth 6a + b, 92696 Flossenbürg-Hildweinsreuth

Tel .: +49/9636/1819, email: m.voelkl@ferienhaus-hildegard.de, www.ferienhaus-hildegard.de

E-bike rental

Places along the route

Tirschenreuth - Lohnsitz - Lodermühl - Liebenstein - Stein - Plößberg


St. Laurence in stone St. Laurence in stone

Facts & Figures

Distance: 17,9 km
Region: Stiftland
Starting point: Fischhof Tirschenreuth
Duration: 5,5 h
Difference in altitude: 112 m
Highest point: 602 m
Lowest point: 490 m
Total ascent: 372 m
Total descent: 282 m