Every journey begins with a first step...

The JERUSALEM WAY - The World's Longest Peace and Cultural Route!

The JERUSALEM WAY brings together different religions, nations, and cultures in an extraordinary peace project.

The JERUSALEM WAY stands for mutual recognition, tolerance, and an appreciation of different ways of life.

Love, the most powerful force in the universe, penetrates and illuminates everything and builds bridges between all people!

A pilgrimage creates opportunities for encounters, breaks down prejudices as well as fears, and strengthens trust – a primal, universal sense of trust! It is through mutual respect and love that we as individuals can reunite across the apparent borders of nationality and religion.

Czech Republic

GPS is been continues available from Spain to Jerusalem since January 2020!


We have finished all GPS data (except through Syria)! GPS is online on the website from Finisterre to Budapest and all the other GPS trails are already available on request for the entire further route from Budapest to Jerusalem (e-mail to gps@jerusalemway.org). And work is already in progress on “feeder routes” through Czech Republic.


Markings can already be found in all 15 countries, from Spain to Jerusalem. Of course the path is not (yet) fully marked, but this is being worked on...


So since 2020 there is a continuous route for more than 7,000 kilometers / 4.500 miles, from Finisterre to Antakya - the end of the Jerusalem Way Turkey! From there we recommend flying to Amman by plane, as several pilgrims have already done. This will allow pilgrims to continue the route through Jordan / Palestine / Israel – the entire area of the Holy Land.


Alternatively, maybe you could take a ferry (if it is in operation) from southern Turkey via Cyprus to Haifa. In our view, this would not be ideal, as the rest of the way through Turkey is missing and of course without Jordan & Palestine the pilgrim is missing elementary parts of the Holy Land! Regardless of this, from Haifa the pilgrim arrive through the New City of Jerusalem and does not arrive historically via the Mount of Olives.


For Jordan / Palestine / Israel (Holy Land) the route is also finished, it is approx. 250 km / 150 mi and has been walked by various pilgrims throughout. 


Route overview: Ar-Ramtha – Jerash – Amman – Madaba – Mount Nebo / Mount Moses with stunning views of the Jordan Valley, meditative and picturesque – down to the lowest point of the earth – The Dead Sea – Bethany (baptismal site) – Allenby / King Hussein Bridge (Israel / Palestine border) – Jericho – then up through the Wadi Qelt Valley, passing Saint George Monastery, Judean Desert, Al-Eizariya / Bethany (Tomb of Lazarus), Bethphage, Mount of Olives – Jerusalem.


The path is a historically optimal route and fantastic; it leads through the mountain and desert of Judea in the area where once Jesus walked up from Jericho to Jerusalem! So even today, in the 21st century, the pilgrims actually arrive from the historically significant side – on foot at the Mount of Olives! An incredible feeling with a unique view: Jerusalem lies below you!


Note: We recommend the MAPS.ME app for navigation; it contains very good maps, information about places, restaurants and attractions, and you can navigate OFFLINE! This is especially important in “roaming” countries.