Every journey begins with a first step ...

The Jerusalem Way is the world's longest pilgrimage and international peace and culture route!

The Jerusalem Way connects religions and peoples in a unique peace project.

The Jerusalem Way stands for mutual recognition and tolerance.

Love, the most powerful force in the universe, penetrates, illuminates everything and builds bridges between all people!


Pilgrims create openness to encounters, dismantle prejudices and fears and strengthen trust - basic trust! The supposed boundaries between peoples and religions can be bridged by individuals with love and mutual respect.

140,80 km / ↓ m / ↑ m
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Route and GPS

The route is ready! Download GPS see below. A short description of the route and tips for accommodation are still being worked out. Status: August 2021 Have fun with the route and greetings to all pilgrims from Germany!


At the end of this stage we will reach Passau, the city of three rivers! Passau is not only the confluence of the Danube - Inn - Ilz rivers, it is also where the three Jerusalem Ways of Germany come together! From Passau the path of the kings, the path of the apostles and the path of the monasteries lead together to Linz, where they join the Jerusalem path, the main route coming from Spain.



The old town awaits the pilgrim with numerous baroque buildings - including St. Stephen's Cathedral with its characteristic onion domes. St. Stephen's Cathedral is the largest baroque cathedral north of the Alps and has the largest church organ in the world (17.974 pipes)!

The city is dominated in the north by the fortress Oberhaus and in the south by the pilgrimage church Maria Hilf. All of this belongs to the possession of the Diocese of Passau. This is located in the center of the old town with the beautiful Residenzplatz. The Cathedral Treasury and Diocesan Museum can be visited in the New Episcopal Residence. If you take the path to the pilgrimage church Maria Hilf via the pilgrimage stairs, you can, if you want, say a prayer on your knees at each of the 321 steps up from the city center. The Roman Museum "Boiotro" is located in the city center.

For more details on the three-river city of Passau (confluence of the Danube - Inn - Ilz) see the next stage.




Facts & Figures

Distance: 140,80 km
Difference in altitude: m
Highest point: m
Lowest point: m
Total ascent: m
Total descent: m