Every journey begins with a first step...

The JERUSALEM WAY - The World's Longest Peace and Cultural Route!

The JERUSALEM WAY brings together different religions, nations, and cultures in an extraordinary peace project.

The JERUSALEM WAY stands for mutual recognition, tolerance, and an appreciation of different ways of life.

Love, the most powerful force in the universe, penetrates and illuminates everything and builds bridges between all people!

A pilgrimage creates opportunities for encounters, breaks down prejudices as well as fears, and strengthens trust – a primal, universal sense of trust! It is through mutual respect and love that we as individuals can reunite across the apparent borders of nationality and religion.

Saint Paul

As of Philippi, we began following the trails of Apostle Paul.


Who actually was this man named Paul, who first set foot upon European soil in the ancient city of Neapolis on his way to Philippi? This persecutor who hunted Christians with the sword on the tongue, until such a harrowing experience befell him – not a vision, but an apparition of Jesus – which forced him to halt.


How violent must this tremor have been that he, the radical Jew from Tarsus, completely changed, wandered about as a preacher, and evolved into the Apostle to the Nations? Fervently passionate, he was now a herald of the new doctrine, a tower of strength for his followers, who was prepared to die for his conviction and was also put to death in the end.


Paul was beheaded by the sword, his head fell to the ground in Rome, but his words, teachings, thoughts and letters were already anchored in the heads of the people and began to spread out. They contributed towards establishing the teachings of Christ as a basis in Europe. His ministry and teachings helped the message of Jesus make a breakthrough.


However, it was still to take a good 300 years until the sect, which had arisen out of Judaism, was declared as the official religion of Rome.