Every journey begins with a first step...

The JERUSALEM WAY - The World's Longest Peace and Cultural Route!

The JERUSALEM WAY brings together different religions, nations, and cultures in an extraordinary peace project.

The JERUSALEM WAY stands for mutual recognition, tolerance, and an appreciation of different ways of life.

Love, the most powerful force in the universe, penetrates and illuminates everything and builds bridges between all people!

A pilgrimage creates opportunities for encounters, breaks down prejudices as well as fears, and strengthens trust – a primal, universal sense of trust! It is through mutual respect and love that we as individuals can reunite across the apparent borders of nationality and religion.


German POLICEMAN goes to Jerusalem for Peace!

Johann Graßer, retired police commander and deacon from Bavaria, set off at Pentecost 2013 in order to pilgrimage to Jerusalem! He is now the first person to mark the peace trail with JERUSALEM WAY stickers. The Pilgrim Way to Jerusalem is becoming reality - step by step…

We three and the peace team founded in January 2013 by Johannes Aschauer will accompany Johann at the film presentation in the Göttweig monastery church and subsequently to Vienna.

In Vienna, the Jerusalem Way Pass and a pilgrim’s stamp will be issued for the first time. It is planned that Cardinal Schönborn will personally perform this ceremonial act! A big, yes, epochal step and a further bridge between the church and the international – religion- and people-connecting JERUSALEM WAY peace project!

A subsequent appointment at the UNO City is planned, where each Jerusalem pilgrim will hopefully ring the peace bell located there and at the same time receive an official document underscoring the peaceful character of the Jerusalem Way.

Johann Graßer arrived on November 30, 2013 in JERUSALEM: Link to his webpage

Jerusalemweg zieht immer weitere Kreise und entwickelt sich zu einem internationalen Friedensprojekt!

Jerusalempilger präsentieren Friedensprojekt JERUSALEM WAY dem Europäischen Parlamentspräsidium und dem Österreichischen Botschafter in Brüssel (31.03.2013). Buchübergabe an Barbara Stöckl im ORF Landesstudio Klagenfurt (20.02.2013). Initiation des religions- und völkerverbindenden Friedensprojektes "JERUSALEM WAY" am 21.12.2012 in Finisterra, dem "Ende der Welt" in Spanien (23.12.2012).

Jerusalem Way Is Reaching Out to More and More People and Is Developing into an International Peace Project!

The Jerusalem pilgrims presented the JERUSALEM WAY peace project to the Bureau of the European Parliament and the Austrian Ambassador in Brussels (March 31, 2013). Presentation of the book to Barbara Stöckl at the Austrian National Broadcasting Regional Studio in Klagenfurt (Feb. 20, 2013). Initiation of the religion- and people-connecting peace project JERUSALEM WAY on Dec. 21, 2012 in Finisterra, the “end of the world” in Spain (Dec. 23, 2012).

TV documentary "On the Jerusalem Way": From the End (Finisterra) through the Heart of Europe to the Beginning (Jerusalem)See this video on VIMEO or YOUTUBE (Film was broadcast by ORF, the Austrian national TV network, on July 9, 2013).

Unique Premiere – FILM at ST. STEPHEN’S CATHEDRAL in Vienna!

On Friday, October 5, 2012, the film show was presented on three large screens in the scope of a benefit event for the “Club Innenministerium,” the “Volkshilfe” and the “Dompfarre Sankt Stephan.” Over 2,000 people came to the completely full cathedral – it was an unforgettable and unique evening! We thank you very much for coming in such large numbers, as well as Jaro Reisinger (Hikingdays) and the many further helpers for their organizational assistance! Through YOU we were able to “write history” in St. Stephen’s Cathedral!!

Press Conference for the Book Presentation with Cardinal Schönborn and Professor Girtler

On October 27, 2011 at 11 a.m. the presentation of the book Auf dem Jerusalemweg - Aus dem Herzen Europas zu Fuß nach Jerusalem and the screening of a 5-minute film clip of our pilgrimage took place at the Club 4 press house on St .Stephen’s Square in Vienna.