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On the Jerusalem Way

On foot and by bus
from Spain to Israel / Pal stine!
Pilgrimage in 5 sections

Turkey / Asia Minor

The Jerusalem route through TURKEY is scenic,
culturally and historically wonderful & unique!

At the same time, it is also the largest of the
15 countries on the Jerusalem Way!


On the international peace and culture route we made a pilgrimage from the DARDANELLES (border Europe / Asia) on foot and by bus for about 1.700 km through Turkey to ANTAKYA / HATAY. On this unique pilgrimage we discovered the cultural highlights of Asia Minor, the places where the Apostles Paul and Barnabas founded early Christianity and the route of the III. Crusade under the Stauffer Emperor Friedrich I `` Barbarossa '' and experienced a landscape of incomparable fascination whose people met us with open cordiality.


We would like to thank all participants and contributors for the time together and the wonderful experiences. The trip was fantastic and friendly people everywhere! T rkiye ok g zel!

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22.09. to 05.10.2017

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Jordan / Israel / Pal stine

26.10/07.11.201 - XNUMX7


Turkey / Asia Minor
 (30.04.2016 - 12.05.2016)


Arrival by plane to Istanbul Airport

At the airport Istanbul on April 30.04.2016th, XNUMX









The pilgrim group including our tour guide "Erdal" with cell phone :)



Departure towards noon CANAKKALE / Dardanelles. We are waiting for the bus... :-)


                              Erdal Karin Johannes David

                        Gertraud Leopold Maria Adelbert

                          Rosemarie Hans Gisela Erwin

                          Jasmine Hans Sepp Horst


The journey starts.



Karin found her window seat.





The group is SMALL but FINE.





The first break and the food tasted great.



Jasmine, Gertraud, Leopold, Karin, Johannes, Erwin, Gisela, Rosemarie, Adelbert, Maria, Hans, Horst, David, Hans, Sepp



Hiking is the miller's delight.




The dove of peace shows us the way.



After the night in the hotel Blue Park continued the next day.



 Short stay in the GELIBOLLO National Park.




Up to 1000 coaches are expected every day in the spring.




After visiting the national park, we set off for ECEABA.



Asia we are coming!




Hike along the sea, on Asian soil.




Wonderful impressions accompany us on the way.



 Diverse and beautiful.



Arrived at destination.



Continuation to Troy.



The horse of Troy. We heard about it in school.




We are already back on historical ground.





The poppy in its dark red embellishes nature.



We have already arrived in Alexandria Trojas.









Johannes, here on the former boulevard that led to the sea. The excavations never end.



Do the sheep know that they are grazing on ground steeped in history?



Continue to Tamis and then on foot to Korubasi.



An eventful path on which Paul may have already been on his way.



The youth accompanies us part of the way.





No bridge, no footbridge, just water, but we won't let ourselves be stopped.






Once on the other side, our pilgrim shoes are put on again.



The group is complete and we can march on again.





When we arrived at our destination, we were greeted by G nther (a German we met in 2010) and by the mayor.



Assos has been reached.



It is not far on foot from the hotel to the archaeological sites.



A visit to the theater and the view of the sea make our hearts beat faster.





This crocodile could not hide completely.






The whole environment around Assos is more than INTERESTING.





The exit was blocked.



A king's candle also wants to be photographed.



Lots of wood in front of the hut.





Assos alone is worth the trip.





We leave Assos and come to Bergamon.



The Bergamon Library is currently being restored, unfortunately it is not currently possible to visit the interior.



After the ascent with the cable car, we go on a sightseeing tour.








We can or may visit treasures that are more or less well preserved.



Bergamon is at our feet.






ARRIVED well below.



      In Avaylik in the Hotel Ergin we had DINNER, SLEEP and BREAKFAST well.

A new day is waiting for us, to Izmir.




The Pauluskirche in Izmir.






Marking is also carried out here.



A short walk along the coast to the clock tower and on to the bazaar.




So in between different group photos.




The clock tower, a SPECIAL meeting point in Izmir.




A visit to the bazaar should not be missed.





Short climb to the fortress and we enjoy a beautiful view of Izmir.





From the top you can see everything much BETTER.




Wonderful hike towards Ephesus.



We get oncoming traffic.





There may be a short break.




How old do YOU ​​think you are?









The MOST BEAUTIFUL way comes to the END.







The end of the day's stage is approaching and we take the bus to the Hotel Richmond Ephesus in Kusadasi.



Ephesus is very special and should be visited once in LIFE.












Gisela and Erwin really live up to their name Kuschel.







Sights without an END.




In Ephesus one climax after another shows itself.






A thunderstorm is approaching and the FIRST umbrellas are already open.





The library of Ephesus is WORLD KNOWN.






You don't need to TALK a lot, just LOOK.




A walk from Ephesus to the last abode of Mary should not be missing.



Flowers in their full glory.





A little breather in such a mountain classification must be.




This information in GERMAN brings us closer to this sanctuary.





Holy Mother of God, PROTECT us.





The BIG wish: The dove of peace should bring us worldwide peace.



It all starts with the FIRST step.



We are looking for a new way.



We have not found a new path, so we move on.

Let's go to SELCUK to visit John's tomb and visit a mosque.



A visit to the Temple of Artemis should not be missed. One of the seven wonders of the ancient world.



The remains of the Temple of Artemis and on the back SELCUK with the Johannesgrab.



On May 5th, 5 we leave the Hotel Richmond Ephesus and head for Pamukkale.




Visit to a carpet maker.






We learn a lot about carpets, silk and more.






A work of art with silk on silk.



Carpets in many variations.



Roses beautify the garden.



It makes your mouth water.



The dove shows us the way.



Herd of cows are rather rare.



Shouldn't be the youngest either!



Wedding shop in TURKISH.



Pamukkale in VISIBILITY.





We're almost there.





We have arrived.





Let's go to visit the limestone terraces and Hierapolis.







The warm water is visibly good for our stressed feet.






The clear water invites you to SWIM.






The Hotel Tripolis was OK all round.




One last visit to the limestone terraces.



We are about to walk from PAMUKKALE towards LAOTICEA.






The Jerusalem path markings from three generations.



Laodic a: An archaeological site that is still little known.








What has been excavated here in the last five years is impressive.




Laodic a is being prepared for tourism.






The hike to GULK Y starts.



Gone are the 100 meter long stacks of wood.



I would like to acquire this trunk and produce heart boards from it.









A little break in K rpeli is good for us.





The Mayor of GULK Y welcomes us.





We went shopping and drank tea in this small shop back in 2010.






The locals could still remember us.



From GULK Y via Isparta to EGIDIR to the Pension Choo Choo.



In the Halikarnas restaurant we got our delicious dinner and an excellent breakfast.



We are READY again for our next adventure.





We walk along Paulusweg S C LL and further on ANTIOCHIA.





An eventful hike with a lot of dirt ....



.... and wonderful landscape.



The hedgehog could not be disturbed in its rest.



The rooster is waiting for its hens.




In S C LL arrived and a break is waiting for us.



We enjoy a snack freshly bought in the shops.



Does the balcony still meet the static requirements?



A transport vehicle of the older type.




The marking of the Paulusweg is no longer the youngest.



Nature shows itself in the most different variants.











A little stop on the way to ANTIOCHIA.







ANTIOCHIA is in sight.





In Konya we make a visit to the Pauluskirche.




A visit to a mosque should not be missed.



You could get used to wearing a headscarf.








Let's go to Kilistra, a wonderful hiking stage awaits us.






Unique rock formations shape the landscape.





The cave settlements of the early Christians inspired our tour group.







The church from the back.



The descent is difficult, but doable.




After the SECOND night at Hotel Bera in Konya, we are ready for the next day again.




Visit to a mosque and the Konya bazaar.






Gold jewelery in CASE and CASE.



Here is an old technique of how pans and teapots are treated on the inside.




Visit to a felt shop. A dying technique.




 In Catayl k we visit an archaeological site that dates back to 6000 years before Christ.







Patience is required here.










In Cumra we stopped in a thinner shop and enjoyed the meal.



In S LEANAKYI we made a short stop where a young girl was photographed with Karin.



Aafter the hike CKUYU.





A wonderful mountain stage that didn't want to end.







At the destination we were rewarded with many impressions.






A turtle in the wild, a rarity.





We visit the BINBIRILSE 1001 church (MADENSEHRI) and then we went to Karaman, to the Karaman Kent Hotel.




In the morning we make a short visit to the Karaman Museum.



By bus we reach the highest point of the trip at 1650 meters above sea level (Taurus Mountains).

From now on it goes downhill towards the sea.





This visit the ALAHAN KILISESI should not be missing on this trip.









In ORTA REN we take the lunch break with an EXCELLENT meal.




Short stop at the Barbarossadenkmal for a photo.



 Start of our hike to Silifke.



Nature shows itself from its most beautiful side.










Must be a target photo.



We were already expected at the Hotel Kilikya in Kizkalesi.



This is how goat cheese is packaged and transported.





On the way to the Paulusbrunnen and Paulusmuseum.










A group of students wanted a SHARED photo.



The longest stone bridge still in use in the world.



The largest mosque in Turkey.





Here is a photo with our new Facebook friends.



The park around the mosque is WONDERFUL.




With the last rays of the sun we could still reach the Petrus Cave Church.



Here Peter worked with various apostles and gave sermons.



We are allowed to visit this oldest cave church in Christianity.



A shoemaker is waiting for work.




Paul's Ways of Spreading the Christian Faith.




Peace can arise in this connection.



The farewell photo from our Turkey trip in May 2016


Here is the travel report of the autumn trip October 2016 (30.09.2016 to 12.10.2016):



At HATAY Airport we end the Jerusalem Way through Turkey.

A warm THANKS to EVERYONE who contributed to dass
this trip could be carried out so uniquely again.

We are already looking forward to the next trip on the Jerusalem Way through Turkey

Johannes, David, Karin, Erdal


The END becomes the START!

After the journey through Turkey, we begin the next and last stage on the Jerusalem Trail (Part V):

On the Jerusalem route through Jordan, Israel and Palestine

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Jordan / Israel / Pal stine


Date: 26.10/07.11.2017 - XNUMX

Johannes - David - Otto

We look forward to YOU ​​on the next pilgrimage
to be welcomed on the Jerusalem Way.
Join us and you will experience a unique journey.

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22.09. to 05.10.2017